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Why should I buy from Alf and the Walnut?

I manage the process end-to-end. I draw, digitally reproduce, select paper, print and pack! What you get is a very personal, authentic approach to your print, whether for yourself or a gift. I want my prints to make a child smile when they receive it and spark their imagination, so I will make sure you are getting the best quality print that will last. My designs and the font shape are all original and hand-drawn, with each personalised print being made-to-order. Each is bespoke and involves design changes specific to each order.

I would like to order a personalised print with a long name. What size should I order?

Longer names will appear smaller, to fit the designated space. I recommend a maximum of 4 to 5 letters for an A4, and 6-7 letters for an A3 for an optimum look. For names longer than 7 letters, I would recommend printing on A3 then framing the print into a bespoke size. Obviously the choice is yours and depends on your room/gift requirements!

How long does the process take?

My design time usually lasts between 1-2 business days then I will be able to send a low resolution proof for you to approve spelling. I ask for email confirmation of the proof before printing. Printing and despatch usually takes between 1-3 business days. 

Can I request two names?

Double or two names will be considered on a discretionary basis, and would only be applied to an A3 print size. Small surcharge applies. Please enquire on email or through the contact form.

Do you offer a framing service?

My prints arrive unframed as framing a print can be very personal. The room to which the print will be on display or its end use will naturally dictate the colour and size of frame you choose. Some clients choose to crop their prints for door plates, or to fit into a frame size alongside other existing wall prints in their home. Some want to pick out a key colour for a bright playroom, others want to keep frames neutral for a nursery.

I am happy to recommend frame colours or sizes if you would like assistance.

What are the reasons behind the paper you print on?

I print on heavyweight paper, over 300gsm, archival quality, with a matte finish. GSM stands for grams per square metre, where in simple terms, the higher the gsm the heavier the paper. In comparison, a standard A4 sheet of paper used for printing would be 70 or 80gsm. My background in print marketing means I have been able to pick the best quality paper for print and longevity. 

The paper is acid-free so is more resistant to deterioration (will last longer) or turning 'yellowy.' The inks I use are pigment inks, prints using these inks retain their colour much longer than dye based prints. 

A matte finish is more robust and long-lasting than a glossy finish. It won't stick to the glass in your frame and will reflect less light than a glossy paper.

For a gift, a heavyweight paper with a matte finish provides a print which looks and feels the part.

What packaging do you use?

All my prints are placed inside an acid-free cello bag. This is surrounded by protective recycled greyboard and inserted into an all board envelope. 100% recycled kraft tape is used to further protect any packaging where required.

Do you charge for delivery?

Standard UK delivery via Royal Mail is free. Tracked express delivery can be offered at £7.95. 

Can you deliver internationally?

Yes, I send my prints internationally. Just let me know at the time of order and I'll work with you on delivery options. 

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